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Museé Picacco Paris re-opens

Musée Picasso Paris coté jardin.jpg

Musée Picasso Paris coté jardin, Foto: Pol at fr.wikipedia

The Museé Picacco Paris is now re-opened. On the 28th of October, the Musée national Picasso-Paris will reopen its doors.

Come and admire one of the capital’s finest architectural monuments: »the grandest, most extraordinary, if not the most extravagant, of the grand Parisian houses of the 17th century« as art and architecture historian Bruno Foucart wrote in 1985.

Visitors will have the chance to discover the 17th century architecture restored by Stéphane Thouin, Chief Architect for Historic Monuments, and the
contributions of Roland Simounet and architectural firm Bodin & Associés. The exceptional opening weekend will feature an exhibition of documents casting light on the site’s history, its architecture and the museum itself.

Musée Picasso Paris
5 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris

On this weekend (25th/ 26th October) will the museum be open free and without booking. For visits from the 28th October, booking  are available now.

Opening Hours
Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Teaser-Photo: Henri Rousseau – Portrait of a Woman (1895), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



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